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“La Guardia Leading a Band in the Park”

May 18, 1941.

The Mall in Central Park. 

“Mayor Fiorello La Guardia…takes the band leader’s baton and leads the crowd, while he joins in, singing patriotic songs…. The Mayor spoke to the huge crowd which jammed the park in commemoration of ‘I Am an American Day’ which was proclaimed by President [Franklin] Roosevelt. The day was set aside to honor 2,340,000 American youths who reached their majority during the last year and 300,000 aliens who became citizens during the same period.”

By Unknown Photographer. From the Bettmann Archive/Getty Images. 

Retouched by Rick Stachura.




“Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia Campaigning for Re-election”


Unknown location. New York City.

By Ralph Morse. From the LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images.

Retouched by Rick Stachura.



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“Horn Practice”

Circa 1977-80.

Between Pier 25 and the landfill for Battery Park City. Site of today’s Harrison Street Basketball Court. 

By Martha Cooper. From the cover of her book New York State of Mind, 2007.



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“Self Portrait”

October 18, 1953.

Unknown location. New York City. 

By Vivian Maier. From the Maloof Collection, Ltd. at



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“William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac”

Fall 1953.

Allen Ginsberg’s Apartment. 206 East 7th Street, Apt #16. East Village.

By Allen Ginsberg. From the National Gallery of Art.



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“Johnny Guitar #1”

May 27, 1954.

7th Avenue, between West 47th and West 48th Streets. Times Square.

By Frank Oscar Larson. From



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“View of the Queensboro Bridge from Queensboro Plaza”

May 1, 1912.

Long Island City, Queens.

By Eugene de Salignac. From the New York City Municipal Archives.



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“Street Light Repair and Penn Station Rising”

November 16, 1909.

7th Avenue and West 33rd Street. Midtown. 

By Louis M. Dreyer. From the Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library at Columbia University. 



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“Night View Illuminated for the Hudson-Fulton Celebration”

Sometime between September 25 and October 9, 1909.

New York City Hall. 

By H.N. Tiemann & Co. From the New-York Historical Society.