I Used to Be a Sailor

"I Used to Be a Sailor." The East Coast Memorial. Photo by Rick Stachura. April 23, 2019.



I used to be sailor

Who sailed across the seas.

But now I’m just an island

Since they took my boat away from me.


Oh no.



 Lyrics from “I Used to Be a Sailor” by Tracy Chapman, 1992.

Photo by Rick Stachura. April 23, 2019.

The East Coast Memorial in Battery Park. Looking toward the Statue of Liberty.

Dedicated by President John F. Kennedy on May 23, 1963, the monument features a black granite eagle clutching a laurel wreath. It lays the wreath upon a cresting wave to honor the 4,597 American servicemen who died in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. Their names are inscribed on eight 19-foot pylons that stretch down to the waterfront on both sides of the eagle. 



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