A Thursday in the Park with Joy

Kings Theatre stage. Photo by Rick Stachura. October 27, 2018.



i might sleep at the Chelsea or maybe St. Marks

there’s a drop-in at Main Chance* or one of the parks 

where perhaps with the pigeons and the dogs and the barks 

i could lie in a dream where a frisbee embarks

from her hand on a Thursday in a funnel of sparks

and torpedoes my sketchbook as i try the Ozarks 

she returns to our blanket with rueful remarks 

but i’m tracking her neck and the bend that it arcs

all the shards of her pupils, the lights and the darks

how her lips come together like little landmarks 

she says all my mountains are possibly sharks

when she points at my drawing, “Or angry aardvarks?”

i’ll be dozing in laughter while her finger demarks 



Words by Rick Stachura. “A Thursday in the Park with Joy.” July 2010.

Photo by Rick Stachura. The stage at Kings Theatre. October 27, 2018.

*”Main Chance” is a homeless shelter for men on 32nd Street in Murray Hill. 



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