Absurd New York #130

Absurd New York. Photo by Rick Stachura. August 19, 2020.



Come sirens and squirrels, and red-tailed hawks;

big moving trucks heckling afternoon walks; 

Come fear-mongers, fascists, and mace in the streets;

the banners and bullhorns, the menacing tweets. 


Come Covid and colds, and allergies, flus;

the aliens, asteroids, wintertime blues;

Come fireworks, quarantines, and cannibal rats;

the humans always home, the pissed off cats.


The pooches of Queens will repel all diseases;

all foibles and follies, all faraway sneezes;

It’s what they’ve been prepping their whole lives to do;

got their masks on — check! — and their goggles poised too.



Words by Rick Stachura. “Please Curb Your Disease.” September 6, 2020.

Photo by Rick Stachura. Along 29th Street. Astoria, Queens. August 19, 2020.



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