Chronicle of a House Foreclosed

Photo by Rick Stachura. September 26, 2020.



the crows keep cussing, it’s 4 AM

they quip like keys of an accordion

they bicker close (their stomaches bellow)

and stomp in boist’rous saltarello


i rap the window, they scatter numb

like goldfish tossed from an aquarium

they reconvene though (the lamppost totters)

and fly back here with sons and daughters


who dive in first now, through the den

and strip the walls’ exoskeleton

my cupboards empty (the soup bowl shatters)

the carpet’s picked and pecked to tatters


the family albums, yarns of phlegm

their people, places jettisoned 

i’m on the porch (my rooms in sockets)

there’s no possessions in my pockets



Words by Rick Stachura. “Chronicle of a House Foreclosed.” November 2020.

Photo by Rick Stachura. 32nd Street in Astoria, Queens. September 26, 2020.



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