Over the Moon

Over the Moon. Penny Arcade (center). Photo by Rick Stachura. June 25, 2017.



I gotta get outta here!


It’s like I’m bein’ tied to the hood of a yellow rental truck,

bein’ packed in with fertilizer

and fuel oil…

pushed over a cliff by a suicidal Mickey Mouse!


I’ve got ta, got ta, got ta, got ta, got ta, 

got ta, got ta, got ta, got ta, got ta 

find a way…

to jump over the moon!



Lyrics from “Over the Moon” by Jonathan Larson, from “Rent,” 1996.

Photo by Rick Stachura. 5th Avenue and East 9th Street. June 25, 2017.

Pride March. Penny Arcade, center, on the Stonewall Inn float. 



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