Even After I Die

Even After I Die. Photo by Rick Stachura. June 16, 2017.




I grin as the era of the selfish fades,

I’m looking at the skies through a pair of dark shades

And I’m buggin’, I guess, ’cause it makes me feel good.

There’s so many things that I misunderstood.


I guess I’ll never know (it probably cut me like a knife),

I swore I’d spend my life trying to be Christ-like.

But I love you, Father, so I can’t lie:

I think I’ll still be scared even after I die.




Lyrics from “Even After I Die” by P.M. Dawn, 1991.

Photo by Rick Stachura. Inside the Prudential Center. June 16, 2017. 

(This story was originally posted to my old Tumblr site on June 20, 2017.)



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