Night of the 9th

Night of the 9th. Photo by Rick Stachura. February 16, 2021.




return to our past


the feathers fashioning 

our heads into newborn infants 

as we sleep


a soft leap

toward forgotten passions


what we’ve shared

how we’ve cared


each color repainting 

the night sky 

in bloodshot red


my water-downed bed

drawing me in to

the cloth confines 

of today


how i’ve tried to stay away


these clocks that

cocoon me

in sheets and clothes


i’m breakfast for the birds

that pick my remains




Words by Rick Stachura. “Night of the 9th.” August 9, 1995.

Photo by Rick Stachura. February 16, 2021.

View of Manhattan from Astoria, Queens. 432 Park Avenue is on the right. 



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