All Tomorrow’s Parties

"All Tomorrows Parties." Photo by Rick Stachura. September 30, 2021.



And what costume shall the poor girl wear

to all tomorrow’s parties?

For Thursday’s child is Sunday’s clown

for whom none will go mourning. 


A blackened shroud, a hand-me-down gown

of rags and silks — a costume. 

Fit for one who sits and cries

for all tomorrow’s parties. 



Lyrics from “All Tomorrow’s Parties” by The Velvet Underground, 1967.

Photo by Rick Stachura. 31st Street and Newtown Avenue. Astoria, Queens. September 30, 2021.

Sadly, after a 10-year run in the neighborhood, Don Coqui was lost to Covid-19. The Puerto Rican-themed restaurant closed in July 2020, but its lights still burn. Each night, behind padlocked doors and papered-up windows, they flood an empty dining room hall. There’s some tables and trash, a trace of dew on the dusty floor.



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