Absurd New York #147

"Absurd New York #147." Photo by Rick Stachura. October 5, 2021.



So now vaccines decapitate kids — or is it cosplaying dudes with needles?

It’s so hard to keep up with the latest these days. 



Outside the gates of I.S. 235Q, there’s two big banners that welcome kids back to school. They feature the image of a young girl encouraging everyone to get vaccinated against Covid-19. 

The other day, however, she got covered up with these stickers. And since the school only contains grades six to eight, children ages eleven to thirteen had to see them on their way to class. But these aren’t just regular students. The children of new immigrants still reckoning with English go to I.S. 235Q. So it’s probably no coincidence they were targets of medieval imagery. 


Down A Rose, Darkly 

This is the work of the new “White Rose.” Apparently formed online in the United Kingdom, the stickers suggest the group’s now here. Named for the organization that once resisted Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), this renewed collective is an anonymous mix of anti-vax sympathizers and Covid-19 denialists. 

The original White Rose, however, were students from the University of Munich who published leaflets denouncing the Nazi Regime. In 1943, when the Gestapo discovered them, they were brought before the crooked People’s Court Volksgerichtshof and guillotined to death.

So, by appropriating that past, today’s Rose makes one thing clear: Anyone promoting social distancing, mask-wearing, vaccines, or lockdowns is a Neo-Nazi. Members of the White Rose, of course, are those fighting not-to-be-murdered scholars. 

Online, the group’s UK website frames the Covid-19 pandemic as a “fraud” created by “governments, government advisory groups, members of the World Economic Forum, the mainstream media, social media platforms, and other agencies in positions of authority.” These authorities, they say, intend a “global genocide” by way of “coercing people to take an experimental vaccine” for a “virus less lethal than a strong seasonal flu.” People “are dying from the “Covid jab,” they claim, and “many more will die in the coming months and years” because the vaccine “is, in fact, a gene-modifying injection.” They’re only trying to “warn” the public. 

But the words they use deliberately conjure a demon. By implying today’s medical personnel administering Covid vaccinations are committing genetic crimes, the Rose equates them to Dr. Joseph Mengele, the Nazi “Angel of Death” (1911-1979).

Mengele, who carried out half-ass operations at Auschwitz, was known for a litany of horrors, including the one that the group’s new sticker suggests: He performed vivisections without anesthesia, removing people’s organs to measure the effect. In 2009, one survivor told Der Spiegel International that Mengele kept him conscious as he sliced out his kidney and sewed him back up. The man had to watch without any relief from the pain. 

Since today’s medics, then, are like modern-day Mengeles, the Rose says that they’re violating the Nuremberg Code.

An allusion to the Nuremberg “Doctors’ Trial” (December 9, 1946-August 20, 1947), the first of the postwar Nuremberg tribunals, the Code was a new set of research ethics formed after 23 Nazi concentration camp doctors were prosecuted for murder, torture, and other atrocities in the name of “medical science.” The main point enshrined was that patients must consent to all medical tests. And if they agree voluntarily, the experiments pursued would have to “yield fruitful results for the good of society.”

Since the Rose believes Covid vaccines are “experiments” and vaccine mandates make people unwilling participants in “global genocide,” they charge that the Nuremberg Code is being breeched. They even proclaim that the makers of the vaccines — Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson — have already “caused more adverse reactions and deaths than all other vaccines [ever invented] together.”


The Thorns Point Up

So would corporations and governments need to be tried then? The Rose isn’t clear, but perhaps that’s the point: If you leave a door open, you might lure in more curious acolytes.

And that’s where the sticker gets dangerous. If someone were to get pricked by what the image provokes — you have to resist the “Covid Nazis”! — perhaps they’ll start seeing them everywhere. There’s Mengeles in the coffee shop. Mengeles in the hospital, Mengeles in the church. Mengeles in the city council and schoolyard too. And once they’ve filled up every face in the neighborhood with them, perhaps they’ll go further. 

Maybe they’ll scan the sticker’s QR code and link to the Rose’s Telegram feed. Once there, they’ll be able to print out new stickers on their own. They can post them anywhere. One reads “Just say no to the Covid cult.” Another: “This sticker is removable. Gene altering mRNA vaccines are not.”

The chats are worse. On “The White Rose Chat” with over 7,000 participants, someone calls the vaccine a “mass depopulation tool.” Another says the Earth’s dying, the vaccine is being used “to put people to sleep rather than suffer.” Did you know Elon Musk is flying the unvaccinated to Mars with him soon? Every line comes off bleeding disinformation. 

So “Do Not Sacrifice Your Children To Science!” huh? Well, the sticker should really advise “Do Not Sacrifice Your Brain To The New White Rose!”



Photo by Rick Stachura. October 5, 2021.

The entrance to Intermediate School 235Q, the Academy for New Americans. 30-14 30th Street, Astoria, Queens.



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