Absurd New York #148: Best of the Big Apple Gripe Box


Absurd New York #148: Best of the Big Apple Gripe Box.



But you’re Big Media reporting it on your own platform, so it hasn’t been buried by Big Media at all! Don’t believe me? Check out your masthead. You’re a subsidiary of News Corp. — as in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. — the mothership that owns other Big Media outlets like Barron’s, MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, and HarperCollins Publishers. So you reach far more people than just some dude churning out a blog for his 75 followers.

In fact, thanks to the magic of Murdoch, many of your stories and editorial harangues get picked up and published by his other big conglomerate too — the one called Fox Corp. — further pushing your reports around the globe. Never heard of it? Well, you know it better as FOX News, the cable news network broadcast to over 200 million people on Earth each month. Even its website gets 91.5 million clicks per month. In other words, that’s Big, Big Media, and you’re a big player supplying its pipelines, New York Post



Screenshot by Rick Stachura. Lead story on the New York Post’s website. October 12, 2021.



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