Dionysus Bound

"Dionysus Bound." Photo by Rick Stachura. January 3, 2023.




sleep you criminals 

of the mind 


to send napalm

searing past the 

trough of my ears

down Eustachian tubes

eating my throat


the roots/the words

roofing my mouth with the 

muck of silence

in ooh’s and aah’s 

bronze lips blurred

into the shells of teeth

groping each other to be the 1st 

to gorge my air


tear, tear! 

they keep on incinerating

my flair 



Words by Rick Stachura. “Dionysus Bound.” February 14, 1996.

Photo by Rick Stachura. Central Park South from East 60th Street. January 3, 2023.



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