A Ciascun’alma Presa E Gentil Core

"A Ciascun'alma Presa E Gentil Core." Photo by Rick Stachura. November 2, 2022.




Già eran quasi che atterzate l’ore

del tempo che onne stella n’è lucente,

quando m’apparve Amor subitamente,

cui essenza membrar mi dà orrore.





Already a third of the hours were almost past

of the time when all the stars were shining,

when Amor suddenly appeared to me

whose memory fills me with terror.


Lines from “A Cianscun’alma Presa E Gentil Core” by Dante Alighieri, 1294. Translated by A.S. Kline, 2001.

Photo by Rick Stachura. November 2, 2022.

One of sculptor Paul Manship’s (1885-1966) two sphinxes in the Greek Garden at Untermyer Gardens. Yonkers, NY.

The pair were installed in 1917. 

Manship left many other wonders around New York, including his statue of “Prometheus” at Rockefeller Center, the Lehman Gates entrance to the Central Park Zoo, the Osborn Gates entrance to Ancient Playground in Central Park, the Rainey Gates entrance to the Bronx Zoo, and four bronze relief planels depicting the “Four Elements” on the Dey Street side of the AT&T Building at 195 Broadway. 



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